The Castle On The Parkway : The Story Of DeWitt Clinton High School In The Bronx

The Castle on the Parkway... is a testament to public investment in education... Alumni reflections and excerpts from school publications showcase the teachers, principals, coaches and fellow students who made Clinton so magical for many. Just look at their young, unfamiliar faces, filled with hope or apprehension. Who would they become? The book's poignant text and before-and-after photographs vividly provide some surprising answers.

Sam Roberts, The New York Times,

  The Castle on the Parkway    

A thoughtful account of the incredible history behind one of New York City's oldest and most celebrated educational institutions.

Joel I. Klein, Former Chancellor, NYC Department of Education


Was ever a high school with such a varied population captured so thoroughly? The love Pelisson and Garvey invest in The Castle on the Parkway comes through. Hats off to the authors.

Frank D. Gilroy '43, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright

I love The Castle on the Parkway. It is a great, classy-looking book. We should all be proud of Clinton.

Stan Lee '39, co-creator of Spider-Man

The Castle on the Parkway
The Story of New York City's DeWitt Clinton High School and Its Extraordinary Influence on American Life
9"x12", 383 pages, 800 images, 2012, Available at $29.
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